Jolly July all wrapped up.

The depths of the Gold Coast winter has not marred the many social and dungeon activities which have taken place this month. My collared boys have been fortunate to partake in a number of sessions with Me as have My other regular slaves and subs. There is no time to ever get bored… LOL. The […]

First Christmas Party of this festive season.

December heralds the beginning of Christmas festivities and after setting up My Christmas tree with the help of My sissy maid on the evening of 1st December, I had My first Christmas party to attend the following night. After the intense play with My serving sub at Hellfire last weekend, I decided to focus on […]

Another sleepover for My collared slave.

My collared slave was given another opportunity to spend the greater part of the weekend in My presence. And who better to tell the story? My slave of course! slave tate’s version can be read in his blog entry titled More sleeping on the floor! maid marian My sissymaid was also expected to be on […]

Fun activities to begin the Winter season.

The last day of Autumn ended on a wonderful note – sharing dinner with two fabulous Female friends of Mine. The day got even better when I discovered that slave tate had taken the day off to deal with the flat tyre on his car. PERFECT news, that meant maid marian was available for serving […]

A fabulous three days with My two collared slaves.

Last Friday afternoon it was slave connor’s turn for a session and I was in the mood for something decorative using needles. I started off with my plan of creating a floral type pattern when I quickly changed My mind. Not sure what sparked the inspiration and My decorative needle play was suddenly transformed into […]

An Evening of Service.

I had a most enjoyable social evening last night with a group of kinky friends. My maid was in attendance to serve Me for most of the night which meant that I could concentrate on socialising. There is really nothing better than having a maid close at hand to attend to My needs at a […]

Afternoon of Exotic Teas.

It has been a truly wonderful month of celebration for Me with many exciting happenings. What better way to finish off My birthday month than being pampered by My sissy maid at an afternoon tea party. This was an excellent opportunity for maid marian to practice her serving skills in a formal, public setting with […]

Slaves, subs and scintillating sessions.

So what have I been up to over the last couple of weeks? I will begin with the last day of March which finished on a very yummy note celebrating slave tate’s birthday at his favourite restaurant. Moo Moo’s, which happens to be extremely pleasing to My taste buds also. slave connor joined U/us and […]

Scrubbing the kitchen floor with a toothbrush.

What a surprise I had for My maid this afternoon! Upon her arrival, I let her get on with the usual list of cleaning duties she was familiar with. On completion of these, instead of sending her into the bathroom to scrub the shower or sending her to clean My toilet, I instructed her to […]

Munch and other activities.

My maid has been busy not only cleaning My house but cleaning My dungeon which was well overdue for dusting and vacuuming. The other aspect which was well overdue was My maid getting used to wearing 5″ heels! No time like the present to start and maid marian was thrown in at the deep end […]