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Jolly July all wrapped up.

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The depths of the Gold Coast winter has not marred the many social and dungeon activities which have taken place this month.

My collared boys have been fortunate to partake in a number of sessions with Me as have My other regular slaves and subs. There is no time to ever get bored… LOL.

The downfall unfortunately is that My blog sometimes suffers in that I do not get to update it as frequently as I might wish.

For detailed descriptions of activities involving My collared slave, check out his following blog entries:

Two sessions in four days!

A gangster fancy dress party and a session in a sling!

A very. very long weekend for this slave!

Lots of cling wrap mummification to intensify sensation, rope bondage, predicament bondage, anal humiliation, CBT and nipple torture – not all the same time of course and not on the same sub or slave!

Another highlight this month was My involvement in a training session with a delightful couple which was intensely rewarding. I love helping couples learn new skills to take their relationship to the next exciting level.

Amongst the busyness of sessions, there was time to fit in a private play party as well as Hellfire with its pajama theme at the end of this month, not forgetting to mention a couple of Jack Rinella workshops which were very informative.

Last but not least, My sissy maid marian was privileged to be in My service for a period fo 45 hours – a new experience for My maid.

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December heralds the beginning of Christmas festivities and after setting up My Christmas tree with the help of My sissy maid on the evening of 1st December, I had My first Christmas party to attend the following night.

After the intense play with My serving sub at Hellfire last weekend, I decided to focus on socialising at this Christmas party rather than on play. Having said that, My collared slave tate did not entirely escape some of My treatment, affectionately known as ‘Silence of the slave’… LOL! slave tate had to wear My special sign for half an hour which kept him very quiet, much to the dismay of his friends who did their best to make him speak, failing miserably!

May the festive spirit continue and this month is shaping up to be full of fun activities.

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My collared slave was given another opportunity to spend the greater part of the weekend in My presence.

And who better to tell the story? My slave of course!

slave tate’s version can be read in his blog entry titled More sleeping on the floor!

maid marian My sissymaid was also expected to be on duty from the time she awoke and her description of her day is in her blog entry called Two premises to clean.

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The last day of Autumn ended on a wonderful note – sharing dinner with two fabulous Female friends of Mine. The day got even better when I discovered that slave tate had taken the day off to deal with the flat tyre on his car. PERFECT news, that meant maid marian was available for serving duties after all *happy Mistress is very happy*. Cooking would now be a breeze and I did not have to worry about cleaning up – that was My sissy maid’s responsibility.

The evening was most relaxing and My maid in her hobble skirt maid’s uniform looked formal and neat and applied herself to her serving duties most efficaciously.

What a fabulous lead up to the first day of winter which was shaping up to be a wicked day. A new sub with a very strong interest in rope bondage soon discovered the awesome restriction of My rope harness, cock bondage with predicament bondage to top it off. Whichever way he moved, there was rope pulling in one direction and another pulling in an opposing direction. Squirming only served to remind him that rope was attached to him from many different angles and he was not able to extricate himself from this situation *WEG*.

I love tormenting My poor subs in this position and I certainly had him by the balls in more ways than one *smiles with evil delight*.

After such a thrilling start to My day, I had My collared slave to look forward to playing with in the evening. First W/we had O/our regular review of O/our Mistress/slave relationship and having established My slave was very happy with his slave life, I only had one change to make. I decided that the Transgression Book I had originally given to ParkHer, would also be shared with slave tate. My slave will have to carry this book with him whenever he or ParkHer have to chauffeur Me anywhere.

I wanted to expand My slave’s experience in his rubber sleepsack but this time there would be no additional torment or stimulation like the first time – slave tate would be focusing purely on being encased in his latex world. W/we would see how long he lasts. After approximately 45 minutes, I placed a light blanket over him to keep him warm and also informed My slave that he would not be given the privilege of an orgasm. This rubber experience for My slave lasted for an hour and fifteen minutes, an excellent start to Winter!

On Thursday I had the pleasure of of disciplining a naughty boy who was a little out of practice… or maybe I was spanking his cheeks more firmly with My hand than I have done previously. It does not matter, the fact is that he was deserving of discipline and that is exactly what I dished out. At least he had the good fortune of a lengthy warm-up before I used My cane on him. It would be a long, painful drive home for this cheeky boy *grins with satisfaction*.

As if the day was not already fabulous, I heard from one of My ‘girls’ I had not seen for a very long time and W/we agreed to meet up in Brisbane for dinner and a well deserved catch-up which was the perfect end to My day.

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Last Friday afternoon it was slave connor’s turn for a session and I was in the mood for something decorative using needles. I started off with my plan of creating a floral type pattern when I quickly changed My mind. Not sure what sparked the inspiration and My decorative needle play was suddenly transformed into predicament needle play *wicked grin*. Got to love that versatile cotton string!

The photo says it all and it took My slave some time to come down after this intense experience.

On Saturday as both My boys were available, I organised to catch up for lunch and the weather as well as the food and the company, was perfect. A wonderful way to start the weekend and any excuse for delicious noms.

In the evening on Saturday I attended Hellfire in Brisbane with slave tate for the first time in well over a year, probably longer. The current venue is in the basement of a hotel and has a great dungeon atmosphere. It was definitely worth the drive and I even had an opportunity to play with a delightful slave who has been wanting to experience My caning technique first hand for a very long time. Nothing like leaving an impression in more ways than one *smiles*.

I wore My ‘Superhero MA’ outfit with the silver skirt, black underbust corset, zebra patterned metal bra, over-the-knee flat black boots and My infamous black cloak with My insignia on the back.

Upon returning home from Hellfire, My collared slave was sleeping overnight at My house as maid marian was having a full day in My service for the first time from the moment she awoke until I was ready to dismiss her in the evening. It was perfect timing after a late night out and just when I was feeling a little tired the next day, maid marian was at My beck and call for the entire day.

I knew that My sissy maid would love the idea of being a maid for a day but I did not fully realise just how much that experience meant to her. Best to get My maid’s point of view directly from her so do read her blog entry – A whole day as a maid.

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An Evening of Service.

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I had a most enjoyable social evening last night with a group of kinky friends. My maid was in attendance to serve Me for most of the night which meant that I could concentrate on socialising.

There is really nothing better than having a maid close at hand to attend to My needs at a moment’s notice.

My sissymaid has not been trained yet to organise a plate of food for Me from a buffet and that is something I will have to introduce her to in the very near future.

My maid will have to learn off by heart which food items, salads and meats I like and do not like and once she has mastered that, her role as My maid will be taken to another level of devoted servitude. maid marian already has a sound knowledge of the wines I have a preference for, she has also mastered the art of making plunger coffee for Me and now it is time for her to venture into the area of My food preferences.

Some very interesting times ahead for maid marian.

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Afternoon of Exotic Teas.

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It has been a truly wonderful month of celebration for Me with many exciting happenings. What better way to finish off My birthday month than being pampered by My sissy maid at an afternoon tea party.

This was an excellent opportunity for maid marian to practice her serving skills in a formal, public setting with other servers and it was a first experience for her.

I had thoroughly enjoyable afternoon relaxing and socialising as the servers brought offerings of food and different teas throughout the afternoon.

maid marian describes her experience in her blog entry called Tea Service.

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So what have I been up to over the last couple of weeks? I will begin with the last day of March which finished on a very yummy note celebrating slave tate’s birthday at his favourite restaurant. Moo Moo’s, which happens to be extremely pleasing to My taste buds also.

slave connor joined U/us and after an initial cocktail to start the night, W/we were soon seated at O/our table, partaking in delicious red wine (before the birthday slave finished the dregs from the bottle) and tucking into the mouthwatering food. A most wonderful way to celebrate My devoted slave’s special day when he is allowed privileges reserved only for such special occasions.

The next day it was My maid’s turn to be kept busy and she was ended up being in My service for a total of 11 hours. The first part of her day was spent cleaning as I had guests over for dinner and the latter part was spent serving Me and My guests and keeping up with all the dish washing. A detailed description of maid marian’s experience can be read on her blog.

I have also been busy with the training of another slave whose appearances over the last 12 months or so has been somewhat haphazard but he is trying! Caning with My heavy cane was another fabulous session. Not many subs can cope with My heavy cane and I relish the rare opportunities I get to use it *smiles with great happiness*.

slave tate was given another surprise experience in My leather sensory deprivation hood… and lasted much longer on this occasion which I was very happy with *winks*.

I had the privilege of working with a couple in a session for their anniversary which was a real treat and a total surprise to hubby. Females are such evil planners! *winks*

Both slave tate and maid marian have been given plenty of tasks to keep them busy. No boredom allowed for My collared slave!

Another recent highlight was teaching My dear Female friend Shereba how to do fireplay on her gorgeous submissive, KittyMinx. Both Domme and sub were ignited with a new passion and it was such a pleasure watching their sheer delight in this new area of play.

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