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Winter chills may have been outside but there have been too many hot activities this month to keep My dungeon from feeling the cold *smiles*. The following selection is only a small sample of the many hours of decadence in My dungeon.

My two collared slaves have also continued to experience many blissful sessions throughout this month.

A private play party early in the month was an added distraction. I relish the occasions where I can catch up with My kinky friends and watch others at play.

slave connor had his very first experience of being suspended in My leather sleepsack. It is the best season to have My slaves snug as a bug in a bag! LOL.

A long serving devoted slave submitting to CBT, nipple torment and predicament bondage where every twitch of his body in one section has an immediate affect upon another *GRINS*.

I must not forget to mention My new sissy girl, who discovered how much she loves rope bondage plus many other typical sissified activities *winks*.

More torment for My collared slave: rope bondage, predicament bondage AND being under My divine feet with a very clear view of My luscious stockinged legs!

The end of the first month of Winter with two more cosy months to look forward to before the season begins to warm up again.

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April decadence.

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Being My birthday month, April is a particularly special time for Me *GRINS*.

Not only have I had many delightful session opportunities and a wonderful week off over Easter in Melbourne with My family, I was fortunate to attend a fabulous Shibari workshop with Milla Reika to expand My rope skills. And of course there was a delicious birthday dinner courtesy of My collared slaves.

Due to the rope workshop, rope became a focal point for many of My sessions this month and My boys in particular got to experience some suspension… in more ways than one *very happy smile*. Check out slave tate’s perspective in Mistress Adira’s bamboo pole.

maid marian was also most fortunate to be given the privilege of experiencing life as My live-in maid for 48 hours. My slave describes this and his other duties in detail in his blog entry titled Time flies for a busy slave.

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My social weekend.

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Another busy social weekend in the lead up to Christmas which is not that far away. I had My first Christmas Party to attend at the Gold Coast Turf Club and naturally My chauffeur would be on call to get Me and My 24/7 slave to the event.

After placing My chauffeur’s duties in his calendar, I had a last minute change as a brief visit to My dungeon prior to attending the event was necessary. This did not unduly delay My arrival and ParkHer got U/us to the venue safely. The Turf Club was not too busy – only a group of females near the entrance and a group of males closer to O/our car. Not surprisingly, My chauffeur in his uniform and chauffeur’s cap, attracted much attention from both groups.

ParkHer was dismissed and told that he could expect a phone call from Me at any time from 2.30pm onwards with instructions to come and collect Me. The party was most enjoyable and I did end up calling My slave unexpectedly, seeking his advice on a race and his suggestion ended up coming a close second so no win on this occasion. It was all in fun and I had a fabulous time, so much so that ParkHer was not summoned until much later in the afternoon than I had anticipated.

Upon departure, there was no room to wait in the area set aside for limousines and I had to wait  in clearer view near the taxi stand. By this time there were loads of people milling about making their way home.  Once again, as My chauffeur got on with his duties after his arrival, all eyes were upon him, including those of the limo drivers on the opposite side, much to My bemusement and that of My 24/7 slave!

Having arrived home, I realised there was little point in slave tate going to his apartment as he would have to return fairly soon to take Me to My dungeon where I had arranged a play session with My toy, Ms Servitude. As My slave had been invited to attend and I was in no mood to cook, pizza was on the menu.

Immediately after dinner, W/we caught up with My toy at My dungeon where I did some long awaited rope bondage and rope suspension. The initial part incorporated the stool which soon led to the idea of full suspension using the waist as one anchor point and the top of the thighs as another point. My toy was in heaven the moment the stool was removed from beneath her and she was swinging freely.

Throughout this process, slave tate and Kane were busy chatting and taking some photos amidst their conversation. Ms Servitude’s time in suspension eventually came to an end and W/we finished O/our little get together with some yummy crackers and cheese followed by delicious cupcakes. My slave chauffeured Me home and as he had to collect his jacket and cap from inside, I gave him a surprise task of washing My lovely big pile of dishes before he could be finally dismissed for the night.

With every intention of being available for My maid the next afternoon, I awoke on Sunday morning with the realisation that I had run out of shiny pantyhose and would need a pair in the afternoon. slave tate was promptly contacted with instructions to detour via Myer on his way to My house to purchase 2 pairs of shiny black pantyhose for Me. I told him not to waste time by looking for them himself but to ask the salesperson for assistance.

slave tate arrived promptly with pantyhose in hand and I left maid marian with a list of cleaning duties to perform whilst I was off to deal with another slave.

Thank Goddess for collared slaves – both My boys have been busy chauffeuring Me around over the last week while My car was being repaired. By the time slave connor had picked Me up and W/we returned home, it was getting quite late in the afternoon and maid marian had just about finished her cleaning duties. It is not that often that I have both boys free at the same time and instead of cooking,  W/we first had coffee and then I invited them to join Me for a dinner of grilled salmon, chips and salad. The other advantage of sharing dinner with My slaves, they get to wash and dry all the dishes afterwards.

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A fabulous social evening at My dungeon with My toy Ms_Servitude, Kane and two of My collared boys, slave tate and slave connor.

I had seen a very interesting Shibari rope suspension which I wanted to try out on My toy so the social evening also incorporated some play *very happy smile*. The one I had in mind was a pull-out version called  Ball Tie Suspension.

It was fascinating setting up all the necessary ropework and getting the tensions right prior to the sub being fully suspended. Once everything was in place, it was simply a matter of removing the support from underneath, hence the very apt description of “pull-out” suspension. It worked exceptionally well with a clothed body and I am now very keen to try this out on maid marian in her full maid’s uniform. What a delightful sight that will be *smiles*.

After the suspension, My toy was involved in another rope bondage scenario bound together with slave connor. It was the first time My toy had ever been in bondage with another person and she managed exceptionally well – view the photo here. It does change your centre of gravity when you are bound to another person and your mind can easily fool you into believing that your sense of balance is off centre when in fact it is not.

On this occasion slave connor was chosen for this double bondage play as he was closer to the same height as My toy. Having said that, slave tate could very well experience this double bondage with My toy in the not too distant future despite their slight difference in height *winks*.

Kane & slave tate took plenty of photos and W/we finished off the evening with some well chosen red wine and yummy food treats.

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Rope Suspension.

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A special treat had been organised last night with My Mistress friend for Her special pet. With KittyMinx’s birthday today, one of the things she has really wanted to experience has been rope suspension. I could not think of a better way to make her evening and was more than happy to surprise her with this.

KittyMinx adores rope bondage as it is and this would be an even bigger thrill. With the chest harness and hip harness in position, it did not take long to create the last attachment point on her ankles and finally adding the 3 ropes to the 3 harnesses for the actual suspension. With some assistance from her Mistress, full elevation was achieved efficiently and she was now fully suspended for the very first time.

KittyMinx lasted well in her rope suspension and quickly discovered how relaxing the floating sensation can be and thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of flying that suspension creates.

At the conclusion of this part of her rope bondage experience, I tried out a new simple crossover chest harness which KittyMinx remained in as the three of U/us celebrated her birthday with some delicious Jamaican Chocolate Cheesecake and champagne.

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A busy 3 days with My collared slaves starting with slave connor on Friday. I had some shopping to do first before O/our session and had allowed extra time to get that done. Found a couple of fabulous pairs of shoes at an incredibly reduced rate which was far too good an opportunity to pass up. A cup of coffee and a light lunch later, it was back to My dungeon for a foot worshipping session. What else could have been more appropriate after focussing on My feet in the shoe shops – LOL!

On Saturday I had planned to catch up with slave tate for a session in the early afternoon and as he is still in chastity, sessions at this stage for My slave remain orgasm free *smiles*. Rather than a full rope bondage session, I was keen to experiment with partial suspension making use of My pulley system.

The chest harness was applied first then following a brief discussion, it was decided that the ankle harness would be attached to My slave’s left leg. I did give him the option of choosing which leg he would prefer to balance on.

With rope tied in place, it was time for My slave to lean forward and maintain his balance as his left leg was gradually being hoisted off the ground. This gave My slave further opportunity to experiment with partial suspension as I already know how much he adores full rope suspension.

As much as I could have played for hours with rope, I did not have the luxury of keeping My slave in My presence all afternoon as he had arranged slave connor to drop in at his place after work around 4.30PM. My two collared slaves would spend some time together, something they had not done before.

slave tate was soon dismissed to enjoy the remainder of his afternoon and evening. It would not be long before maid marian turns up for cleaning duties and I had a very special new task for her to do.

My slave was dutifully on time as expected and I was pleased to announce to My maid that there was very little laundry for her to fold today and very few dishes to wash. It was just as well as the next task would require much elbow grease *GRINS*. I pulled out 3 pans from My kitchen cupboard which required scrubbing – the base of each pan had various degrees of burnt blackness. I was not happy about that, I wanted My pans to have silver bottoms, NOT black. The only discoloured bottoms I am more than happy with are those on My naughty subs and slaves after a caning *smirks*.

I am quite sure maid marian underestimated the effort involved in cleaning the blackest of the 3 pans and it did not take her long to appreciate the easiness of the first two rather small tasks. After slogging away for the best part of an hour on this task alone, her efforts were eventually rewarded with an acceptable acknowledgement from Me as the blackest of the pans was now very silver in colour and a far cry from the state it was in when she started. Now there was only the vaccuming to complete before My maid could finish and be sent home.

Now what delightful cleaning task can I give My maid next weekend???

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A relatively quiet week after the constant celebrations last month for My birthday except for last Thursday evening when I needed My maid to do cleaning immediately after work for a change. There would be no time for her to have dinner beforehand so she would just have to wait and have a late dinner on that occasion! maid marian’s detailed account of her mid-week cleaning experience can be read here.

Today it was time for slave tate to have a session. As it is the first day of a new month, I was actually seriously considering placing him in chastity. Fortunately for My slave I changed My mind and did some rope suspension with him instead… he could freely hang in more ways than one… LOL.

Suspension is one of My slave’s favourite activities and I had not done much in recent months and decided it was about time slave tate experienced this floating sensation once again. It was a far better alternative than being placed in chastity I am quite sure. Maybe next month *WEG*.

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