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Footstool with a twist.

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What better way to spend Anzac Day afternoon than putting My feet up and relaxing with a book! Some rope, a blindfold and a ball gag was all I needed to create a very comfortable footstool, fit for a Goddess.

How did My collared slave feel? Read his version here *smiles*.

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What a fun 24 hours it has been. Last night I had a wicked mummification session using cling wrap and today it was a fantastic sensory deprivation session with My collared slave using the magnificent leather hood he had bought for Me. This total sensory deprivation leather hood has so many wonderful straps and extra padding in the right places and best of all, a lockable strap around the neck so the hood cannot be removed *wicked grin*.

It is an awesome hood which delivers an intense experience. Definitely not a hood for the claustrophobic!!!

Putting the hood on and then doing up the lacing, zip and leather straps is a ritual in itself before you can even think about doing anything else. My Goddess, was My slave already excited at this point, just having had the hood put on him! If I wasn’t careful, he would have an orgasm soon… VERY soon!

To keep the stimulation to a minimum as his sense of touch was now in overload because of the hood, I used the minimum of cling wrap I could to maintain intensity without sending him over the top. Success… good. Now what can I do? Tweak his nipples a little… not too much or that would send him over the edge too soon. Maybe just leave him there without doing anything, to give him time to ponder his predicament.

Taking into account the 6 minutes or so it took to put on and do up the hood on My slave, he only lasted about 20 minutes all up as he simply found the total darkness and tight confinement unbelievably exciting.

I did leave him alone for some minutes and was eventually tempted to encase My slave’s cock in cling wrap which I did. Unfortunately, that small step tipped slave tate over the edge and in no time, he had an orgasm. I will have to train My slave to have far better control when in this sensory deprivation position again. Maybe the CB3000 would be most persuasive in this circumstance… *wicked laugh*.

As far as I was concerned, there was not much point in leaving My slave in this fabulous sensory deprivation hood any longer although I did give him the option of doing so if it was his desire. slave tate declined the offer and having been extricated from My blissful leather hood, he was sent directly  into the kitchen to make some plunger coffee for Me.

Having successfully made My coffee for Me, My slave was ordered outside into My front courtyard to deal with the weeds which had been annoying Me for long enough. In reward for his efforts, and because it is the beginning of his birthday week, My collared slave was permitted to be My footstool as I finished My delicious mug of coffee. How can a Mistress resist teasing a slave’s nipples when they are so close to My feet!!! In fact, why restrict the teasing to the nipples only… the cock was begging for more torment too.

I was a very happy Mistress with My exquisite new hood courtesy of My slave and with his birthday on Thursday, why not allow him two orgasms for a change. I teased and tormented him for at least half an hour and just as I am quite sure he was ready to explode again, I stopped and made him get dressed.

Yes, My slave would be allowed to have a second orgasm but not yet, he would have to wait another couple of hours and then he could indulge in this privilege.

For slave tate’s perspective on this session, read his blog here.

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Not only did My collared slave hit the jackpot yesterday with a surprise visit by My Mistress friend which he was totally unaware of, he then had a session with Me to look forward to today. slave tate was instructed to collect Me from home and what timing for My slave… the weather was decidedly wet. Keeping Me dry under his umbrella as I was escorted to the car only got My slave damp in the process. Ah… the life of a collared slave and the sufferance this can entail *WEG*.

To top it off, as W/we arrived at My dungeon, the decidedly wet weather became even more decidedly wet. My slave had no choice but to keep Me dry as I got out of the car and walked to the front door of My premises. slave tate would be stripping off shortly anyway so getting a little wetter would make no difference whatsoever.

After the thrill of having a short, impromptu double Mistress session yesterday, the question now was: what would I do with My slave today?

I opted to continue the theme of footstool as My slave’s concentration was on Shereba’s legs yesterday and now it was time to bring his focus back to the divine legs of his Goddess *winks*.

After stripping off and presenting himself in the lounge room, he had to wait as I finished making some plunger coffee in preparation for this session. While it was brewing, I tended to My slave and first replaced his slave collar with a more appropriate posture collar and used red jute rope to secure his hands at the front by incorporating the rope in a harness like fashion around his chest. That would prevent his hands from going anywhere.

The final touch was tying his ankles together with another piece of  jute rope. Now My footstool was ready as was My coffee. As I relaxed with My coffee and My book, slave tate had the privilege of admiring My gorgeous, natural coloured fully fashioned stockings with black seams. Every now and again he got to feel My nylons against his skin.

As I finished My coffee, made an important phone call and completed reading a chapter of My book, My fingers were simply itching to torment My slave’s nipples. To begin with I had not fully decided whether I would allow slave tate to have a second orgasm but the longer I teased him, the more generous I began to feel. Who knows when I may feel as generous again *smiles*.

With My decision made, My fingers could concentrate on the task at hand (pun intended) and without losing rhythm, they maintained a barrage of nipple teasing until slave tate could take no more and somehow managed to have another intense orgasm. I jokingly stated to My slave that if he kept this up at this rate, soon there would be very little seed left to expel!!!

A most pleasant interlude for My collared slave and without wasting time, he was dressed and ready to return Me home where maid marian would be put to work, but not until My slave had eaten some lunch first.

maid marian was very keen to try out her new white custom fit corset and there was no reason why this could not happen today. Not that I told her that… I kept her guessing until she was dressed in her hobble skirt uniform *wicked grin*.

My maid’s feelings about her new corset have been well described in her blog and I will make no attempt to replicate those thoughts here.

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I have been very much looking forward to today. I had a male slave friend from interstate dropping in this morning which was perfect timing as I also had previously arranged for My Mistress friend to come over for coffee and cake before I knew about his visit. As I did not want to cancel either get together, I decided to combine both as I knew My slave friend would be over the moon with this unexpected turn of events.

My visiting slave friend rocked up first and after some initial chatting, I suggested W/we have a little play while I had this rare opportunity of his company *winks*. I made no mention of My Superior Female friend also dropping in this morning! With this slave standing naked in the middle of My lounge room, I did some CBT and nipple torture to warm him up and before long, there was a knock on My door much to My slave friend’s surprise… LOL!

I LOVE setting up surprises!!!

Shereba was in fine form and had been pre-warned about the presence of this male slave friend of Mine. As coffee and cake was on the agenda for Us Superior Females, this slave would first have a CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male) experience as he supported a tray for Shereba to rest Her coffee and cake plate. The slave would also remove empty plates and mugs as was necessary.

Our caffeine fix was the perfect start to Our morning and the slave was now ordered into the dungeon where he would be at the mercy of two Mistresses tormenting him with electro stimulation using an electrical urethral sound. That was to start with *GRINS*. After impressing Us by getting to the highest setting with My Tens Unit, his reward was a fisting and he experienced both Shereba’s hand and Mine (not at the same time mind you as he has not had that much experience with fisting… yet!)

Shereba and I were having so much fun and My slave friend was in absolute heaven. This scenario could not have been timed more perfectly. In the back of My mind, I was aware that My male friend did have another commitment and this visit was only fleeting much to O/our dismay. W/we managed to fit in a reasonable length of play and of course he had the added bonus of two Mistresses toying with him. What more could any slave want!

After his departure, Shereba and I relaxed and chatted as We were now awaiting slave tate’s arrival who thought he was only coming over to pick Me up!!! Yes, I had arranged yet another surprise, this time for My collared slave. Boy, was he going to get a shock.

By this stage, Shereba and I were in fine form and when slave tate knocked on the door, I quickly ushered him inside and sent him directly into the cross dressing room to strip off and then present himself on all fours in the lounge room. As he was getting undressed, I finished making another cup of coffee which Shereba and I would indulge in with some cake while slave tate was under Our feet being used as a footstool. My collared slave was most surprised to find that another Superior Female was present.

Initially slave tate’s nipples were tweaked by Our fingers until I had a wicked idea – Shereba and I could use a vibrator each and concentrate on one nipple each giving My slave a double whammy in terms of nipple torment. If that did not get the cock going, nothing would *winks*. I told Shereba that We would get slave tate to the point of orgasm simply through nipple play. Understandably, Shereba had never seen this before and was most interested in not only observing such a fascinating occurence, but eagerly being involved in making it happen!

My poor collared slave having to suffer the agonising torment of not only being under the feet of 2 Superior Females, but also being at the pleasurable mercy of the hands of 2 Superior Females. I had every intention of forcing My slave to orgasm and his heightened state of arousal caused by being in the presence of 2 Mistresses, meant that he did not have to wait for too long to experience an intense, explosive release. Shereba was absolutely delighted by this outcome which topped off an already perfect day of Superior Female entertainment for Us both.

With no time to waste, slave tate was ordered to get dressed and then into the kitchen to wash the dishes. Meanwhile, Shereba was preparing for Her departure and My collared slave was summoned back to the lounge room to pay his respect to My Superior Female friend by kissing Her feet in acknowledgement of the great privilege he had been given today. If he is a very good boy, there may be other surprising opportunities like this one which crop up in the future *wicked grin*.

Soon I was being driven back home by My slave and the remainder of My afternoon was spent preparing dinner and dessert for My dinner guests. maid marian was in attendance to make My job so much easier by washing the dishes as I used them and there were plenty of them to wash and dry in the course of the next 2 hours. I even had another “first” for My maid… peeling potatoes… all 10 of them!

This was only the start of the weekend… tomorrow slave tate would be in My presence again for yet another session followed by cleaning duties for maid marian.

What surprise would I have for My slave tomorrow?

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