HAZY about your future? Be CLEAR of your destination by discussing any fetishistic thoughts and desires you may have with an enlightened, erudite, Premier Gold Coast Mistress. Let Her release your potential by dispensing an utterly unique brand of creative disciplinary therapy. And other ruthless methods within Her compass.

Stylish, sophisticated, refined and assuredly in control, always, do not to be lulled into a false sense of security by Mistress Adira’s sweet initial demeanour. Underneath the layer of pure class lies a Professional Dominatrix of a sensually sadistic bent.


Tickle torture for My collared slave.


My collared slave connor is exceptionally ticklish and he also has the most delightful laugh. Inflicting tickle torture on him is a real treat and gives Me lots of amusement.

I felt it was time to share some of his sensational session.

Check out the new video on My Tickle Torture page on My website *GRINS*.

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