HAZY about your future? Be CLEAR of your destination by discussing any fetishistic thoughts and desires you may have with an enlightened, erudite, Premier Gold Coast Mistress. Let Her release your potential by dispensing an utterly unique brand of creative disciplinary therapy. And other ruthless methods within Her compass.

Stylish, sophisticated, refined and assuredly in control, always, do not to be lulled into a false sense of security by Mistress Adira’s sweet initial demeanour. Underneath the layer of pure class lies a Professional Dominatrix of a sensually sadistic bent.

I have neglected My blog for some months due to the incredible upheaval of moving My dungeon but it has been well worth all the effort. I adore My luxurious new space and revel in its ambient and expansive decadence.

Limitations of My old dungeon have disappeared and opened up a  kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities in My new play space.

Having a high ceiling with lots of beams has enabled Me to fulfil My dream of having an electric winch. Horizontal, vertical and inverted suspension can now be successfully achieved by a mere push of a button *very happy Mistress*.

To give you a taste of My new dungeon, enjoy the following selection of session photos taken over the last couple of months.

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For the last 2 weeks I have been flat out organising the move of My dungeon to an exciting new location at the Gold Coast.

Not only is My new dungeon far easier for My subs and slaves to get to, it is also a much larger space than My old dungeon. As it is a magnificent large space, there will be continued works in progress as I add new furniture and equipment over time.

I am now situated in Carrara which is easily accessible via the Motorway taking Exit 73 to Nielsens Rd. If you choose to travel via public transport, Bus 20 connects with most trains arriving at Nerang Station and is a short bus trip to My new premises.

Sessions in My decadent new dungeon will take place from 9AM on Friday 26th July onwards.

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I require a gardener slave to serve Me on a longer term basis and he or she must desirably be a qualified Landscape Gardener.

This is NOT a ‘live in’ position therefore it is preferable that you reside within an hour’s drive of the Gold Coast to fulfil this role but this is not absolutely essential. you must however be able to easily travel to the Gold Coast on a regular basis as this role will require your frequent devotion.

If you wish to apply for this vacant position and you are not fully qualified but have proven extensive experience in landscape gardening, your application will be taken into consideration.

How do you apply?

Send Me an email – Domina@mistressadira.com – with your resume which should include details of your qualification/s and experience (and include your mobile phone number). you will also outline the reason/s why you wish to serve Me as a slave gardener.

More details will be presented to slaves applying for this position.

Do you possess the gardening skills I am looking for? Are you ready to serve Me by assisting in transforming My vision into reality?

If so, I look forward to reviewing your written applications and welcoming the successful privileged applicant to My stable of devoted slaves.

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Recently I have managed to have time to do a fair bit of reading of books and articles which I love doing aside from My kink activities.

There are five articles in particular which I wish to bring to your attention – it will teach you a lot more about Us as Pro Dommes and will hopefully greatly improve your interaction with Us.

The first article is an insightful piece written by Mistress Katya in NYC:

Ten Things you should know about a Dominatrix that will most likely ruin your fantasy

And from the male perspective (courtesy of Tony Black at Fet Pro), some invaluable words of wisdom:

10 Tips on How to Approach a Mistress

Prodomme List of Pet Peeves

Care and Feeding of Dominas

5 Stupid Client Tricks – Don’t Be That Guy

These should give you plenty to chew on and I sincerely hope you gain a better understanding of Professional Mistresses as a result.

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I often receive calls from total beginners who have taken some time to work up the courage to call Me, let alone organising their first ever session with a Pro-Domme.

The most common fear for a beginner is the thought of being subjected to pain.

In an initial session, I need to point out that pain is only inflicted on those subs and slaves who are masochists and enjoy the pain or those who do not have a masochistic tendency but find that a degree of sufferance enhances their state of ecstasy.

If you do not know if pain is something which will positively affect your head space, then this will NOT be a part of your session, especially not a first session! A gradual introduction can always be explored further down the track when you have gained more experience.

Many novices often come to Me initially with a specific fetish e.g. foot and/or stocking or pantyhose fetish. After overcoming their nerves during their first session, they tend to gravitate to further exploration which again, may or may not  involve any form of pain! This is a personal choice.

For the first time sub, slave or fetishist, I do not simply wield a whip or flogger and beat the crap out of you as many of you may erroneously assume. That is reserved for your second session… I am joking!

Seriously, administering pain is only one of a multitude of skills within My extensive repertoire and it is not something I impose on a novice.

I fully understand your apprehension and I endeavour to create a rewarding and profound experience in realising your submissive potential within My realm.

Fear no more, breath a sigh of relief and give Me a call… I promise I don’t bite!

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So much goodness and exciting happenings since Easter that My blog has been unintentionally neglected.

I do however prefer to tweet My activities which I find more spontaneous and I often include photos. I suggest you keep up-to-date by following Me in Twitter.

The warmer weather was most conducive to outdoor play in March and both My collared slaves experienced some fabulous ‘afternoon tea’ sessions incorporating predicament bondage. Another interstate slave was also exposed to this session theme much to My amusement.

In addition to My own boys, I had a number of glorious CBT, nipple torture, anal play sessions and some discipline to to keep Me busy.

Afternoon Tea in predicament bondage

Cling wrap torment for slave tate

March was also the month of slave tate’s birthday and I had a fabulous surprise birthday present set up for him – tickets to see the sensational ‘Cavalia’ in Brisbane and it was truly awesome. In fact the whole day and evening was a full on social event. My collared slave describes this special day in more detail in his blog entry called my birthday present revealed.

With Madam Rougene at Cloudland

Immediately after ‘Cavalia’, I travelled into Brisbane with My slave to catch up with Madam Rougene and her sub whose birthday W/we would celebrate at Cloudland. Following O/our dinner the next stage of this fantastic day was completed at Hellfire where Madam Rougene and I dealt her sub a special birthday caning.

Easter arrived and I enjoyed a lovely break with My family in Melbourne for a week which flew in no time at all. And then it was back to My beautiful dungeon in MY birthday month of April to inflict more exquisite torment on My many willing subs and slaves.

A delightful highlight of My birthday month is sharing birthdays only days apart with My gorgeous, wicked Domme friend in Sydney, Mistress Jadis. We have much in common and were most fortunate to have a whole day to spend together and We certainly made the most of Our day indulging in birthday treats as only 2 Dommes are well accustomed to. Having My chauffeur on hand was an additional bonus. It is a shame the physical distance between Us is so great.

Mistress Jadis

Mistress Adira

Most of April was a delicious blur of sensational sessions of all kinds, social activities and birthday celebrations.

Time to slow down in May? Not a chance!

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A reminder that I will NOT be available for sessions from



To book sessions from Thursday 4th April onwards, either leave a message on My voicemail with your number and your requested time OR send Me an email.

Do NOT send Me an SMS as I will not see those until I have returned from My break.

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Recently I have had a number of emails and messages sent to Me by slaves I have never met or communicated with before saying: “pls accept me as ur slave” or “i want to be your slave. I have cam. So you can dominate me live on skype or yahoo.”

Aside from the lazy grammar, My immediate question is: Would you approach a female you have never met or spoken with before and say to her… “I want to be your boyfriend!” Really… you need to get a life! The dynamics may be different but the approach is just the same as it would be in a vanilla setting!

Then the added expectation that I would be remotely interested in dominating you via webcam! For a start, I know nothing about you. Secondly, I am a Professional Mistress therefore My domination is NOT a free service and thirdly, your email is all about me, me, me. That in itself immediately puts Me right off you!

Which decent Domina would EVER consider a slave without getting to know them first?

Just because I am a Mistress, why do you think I would want you as My slave without Me knowing anything about you or vice versa? I am not a slave collector!

slaves in My realm have to prove their worthiness as such and their personalities and natural demeanor has to please Me. Just like a vanilla relationship, My slaves are people first and I need to know that I gel with My slave so that his servitude to Me will be meaningful, loyal and sincere and he needs to feel that I genuinely care for and get on with him. There would be nothing worse than a conflict of needs, expectations or personality between a Mistress and Her slave. Such a relationship is demanding enough without adding unnecessary conflict and stress due to a mismatch of personality and expectation.

slaves have diverse personalities just as Mistresses do, with varying concepts of what it means to be a slave (which may or may not coincide with the Mistress they have approached). slaves also have different commitments which may or may not impede their ability to fulfil certain roles and expectations the Mistress may have, or needs, at that time.

I certainly don’t decide that I need a slave and then grab the first one of hundreds who contact Me and take them on as a slave. My time and theirs is too precious to waste on a spur of the moment decision. slavery in My realm is a huge commitment and although many can superficially ‘talk the talk’, in reality they cannot ‘walk the walk’.

So next time you feel like sending a Mistress such a dumb email, sit back and ask yourself first: What do i really know about that Mistress and what does that Mistress know about me? your answer should be ‘nothing’ therefore, how can you expect a D & s relationship to grow from nothing?

A slave must be worthy of My time and attention and the only way to reach that stage is to get to know you over a period of time by serving Me. That gives U/us both a chance to work out if W/we are compatible for a longer term Mistress/slave relationship. And just like a vanilla relationship, you either click or you don’t!

Those who suffer from impatience and misguided assumptions, will find themselves floundering forever.

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